Yu-Hsing WANG 王幼行


PhD in Civil Engineering
Associate Head and Professor
Director of Data-enabled Scalable Research Laboratory (DESR Lab)
Research Area
Research Interests
Vertical AI on smart and resilient cities, including sensor design (Geo-IoT and Open Smart Soil Particles (OpenSSP), etc.), data collection, big data infrastructure, deep learning, and semantic integration.
Innovative wave-based characterizations of geomaterials (using mechanical and electromagnetic waves)
Experimental geo-micromechanics and DEM simulations
Applications of 3D printing techniques on innovation of geotechnical testing devices and sensing techniques
Physico-chemical soil behavior (with particular emphasis on the behavior of clayey soils
Initiation mechanisms of flow landslides
Attenuation mechanisms and measurements in particulate media (damping ratio)

PhD , Georgia Institute of Technology

Selected Publications

Chow, J.K., Li, Z. and Wang, Y.H. (2019). “Comprehensive microstructural characterizations of 1-D consolidated kaolinite samples with fabric tensors and pore elongation factors,” Engineering Geology, Vol. 248, 22-33.

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