Xiaotong SUN 孫曉通


PhD in Civil Engineering
Affiliate Assistant Professor
Research Area
Research Interests
Transportation Systems Analysis and Optimization
Connected and Automated Vehicles
Network Modeling
Game Theory
Mechanism Design

PhD, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Selected Publications

Sun, X., Wu, H., Abdolmaleki, M., Yin, Y., and Zou, B. (2020). Investigating the Potential of Truck Platooning on Energy Savings: An Empirical Study on U.S. National Highway Freight Network. Transportation Research Record (Accepted)

Sun, X., Chen, Z., and Yin, Y. (2020). Integrated Planning of Static and Dynamic Charging Infrastructure to Support Electric Vehicles for Inter-city Trips. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 83, 102331.

Sun, X., Yin, Y. (2019).  Behaviorally Stable Vehicle Platooning for Energy Savings. Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, 99, 37-52.

Sun, X., Yin, Y. (2018). A Simulation Study on Max Pressure Control of Signalized Intersections. Transportation Research Record, 2672(18), 117-127.

Sun, X., Shahabi, M., Carrick, G., Yin, Y., Srinivasan, S., and Shirmohammadi, N. (2018). Methods for the Design of Safety Service Patrol Beats: the Florida Road Ranger Case Study. Transportation Research Record, 2672(14), 50-60.

Sun, X., Ma, W., and Huang, W. (2016). Comparative Study on the Capacity of a Signalised Roundabout. IET Intelligent Transport Systems, 10(3), 175-185.