Xiang Song

PhD , University of California, Davis
Professor Emeritus
Research Area
Research Interests
Durability of concrete; development of high performance concrete
Fiber reinforced concrete (interface property characterization
Strain-hardening material development); fracture of concrete
Nondestructive testing in civil engineering (acoustic emission, infrared, impact echo)
Development of advanced building materials using extrusion technique
Functional materials in civil engineering

PhD, University of California, Davis

Teaching Activities

CIVL573 - Theoretical Soil Mechanics
CIVL575 - Soil Dynamics
CIVL514 - Instrumentation Systems for Civil Engineers
CIVL607E - Constitutive Theory

Research Projects

Advanced Remote Damage Monitor System for Infrastructures - Xiang-Song LI, Zongjin LI, Tse-Yung Paul CHANG and P. Tong

Centrifuge Modeling of Loose Fill Slopes Subjected to Uniaxial and Biaxial Earthquakes - Charles W.W. NG and Xiang-Song LI

Centrifuge Modeling of Pile-Sand Systems under Multi-Directional Earthquake Loading - Xiang-Song LI

Centrifuge Verification of Rotational Shear Effects - Xiang-Song LI

Critical-State and State-Dependent Dilatancy for Cohesionless Soils - Xiang-Song LI

Investigation and Recommendation of Mosaic Tile System - Zongjin LI, Xiang-Song LI, Z. Yang and S. Lee

Modeling of Dilative Shear Failure of Sandy Soil - Xiang-Song LI

Selected Publications

Charles W.W. NG, Xiang-Song LI, Van Laak, P.A. and Hou, Y.J. (2004), Centrifuge Modeling of Loose Fill Embankment Subjected to Uni-axial and Bi-axial Earthquakes, Journal of Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, 24(4) page:305-318

Xiang-Song LI, Yang, J. and Liu, H.L. (1998), Differentiation of Noisy Experimental Data for Nonlinear Stress-Strain Behavior, Journal of Engineering Mechanics, ASCE., 124(7) page:705-712

Xiang-Song LI and Yang, W.L. (1998), Effects of Vibration History on Modulus and Damping of Dry Sand, Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, ASCE., 124(11) page:1071-1081

Xiang-Song LI, Yang, W.L., Shen, C.K. and Wang, W.C. (1998), Energy-Injecting Virtual-Mass Resonant Column System, Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, ASCE., 124(5) page:428-438

Xiang-Song LI, Shen, C.K. and Wang, Z.L. (1998), Fully-Coupled Inelastic Site Response Analysis for 1986 Lotung Earthquake, Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, ASCE., 124(7) page:560-573

Xiang-Song LI and Wang, Y. (1998), Linear Representation of Steady-State Line for Sand, Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, ASCE., 124(12) page:1215-1217