PhD in Civil Engineering
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Research Area
Research Interests
Saline wastewater treatment
Development and application of granular sludge (anaerobic, anoxic, and aerobic) for wastewater treatment
Modelling of biological wastewater treatment
Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) treatment and metal recovery

PhD, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Selected Publications

Guo, G., Wu, D.*, Hao, TW.*, Mackey, HR., Wei, L., Lu, H., Chen, GH. (2016). Granulation of susceptible sludge under carbon deficient conditions: A case of denitrifying sulfur conversion-associated EBPR process. Water Research. 103: 444-452.

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Tsui, TH., Hao, TW.*, Chen, GH. (2016). Gas-enhanced operation and stepwise organic stressing as a new alternative in realizing successful sludge granulation in high-rate anaerobic bioreactor for wastewater treatment. HKIE Transactions Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, 23: 222-229.

Hao, TW., Luo, JH., Mackey, HR., Guo, G., Liu, RL., Chen, GH*. (2016). Impacts of short-term changes in temperature, pH, oxygen, nitrite and free nitrous acid on sulfate reducing granular sludge. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology. 100: 8563-72.

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Wu, D., Ekama, G., Chui, HK., Wang, B., Cui, YX., Hao, TW., van Loosdrecht, MCM., Chen, GH*. Large-scale Demonstration of the Sulfate reduction Autotrophic denitrification Nitrification Integrated (SANI®) Process in Saline Sewage Treatment. Water Research. 100: 496–507.

Guo, G., Wu, D.*, Hao, TW., Mackey, HR., Wei, L., Wang, HG., Chen, GH*. (2016) Functional bacteria and process metabolism of the Denitrifying Sulfur conversion-associated Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal (DS-EBPR) system: An investigation by operating the system from deterioration to restoration. Water Research. 95: 289–299.

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