Prof. Ran YIN


PhD in Civil Engineering
Research Assistant Professor
Research Area
Research Interests
Environment-human health nexus
Water reuse engineering
Ultraviolet-based process development and modelling
Photochemistry, radical chemistry, and chlorine chemistry


Selected Publications

Corresponding authorship:

Zhao, J.1, Peng, J. 1, Shang, C., Yin, R.*. Revisiting the protocol for determining submicromolar concentrations of ozone in the water treated by advanced oxidation processes. Chemosphere 2022. 135117.

Peng, J., Yin, R.*, Yang, X., Shang, C.* A novel UVA/ClO2 advanced oxidation process for the degradation of micropollutants in water. Environmental Science & Technology 2022, 56, 2, 1257–1266.

Sun, B., Zheng, Y., Shang, C., Yin, R.*. Concentration-dependent Chloride Effect on Radical Distribution and Micropollutant Degradation in the Sulfate Radical-based AOPs. Journal of Hazardous Materials 2022. 430, 128450.

Li, J.1, Cassol, G.1, Zhao, J., Sato, Y., Jing, B., Zhang, Y., Shang, C., Yang, X., Ao, Z., Chen, G., Yin, R.* Superfast degradation of micropollutants in water by reactive species generated from the reaction between chlorine dioxide and sulfite. Water Research 2022. 118886.

Zhao, J., Peng, J., Yin, R.*, Fan, M., Yang, X., Shang, C.* Multi-angle comparison of UV/chlorine, UV/monochloramine, and UV/chlorine dioxide processes for water treatment and reuse. Water Research 2022. 217, 118414.

Kong, Q., Fan, M., Yin, R.*, Zhang, X., Lei, Y., Shang, C., Yang, X.* Micropollutant abatement and byproduct formation during the co-exposure of chlorine dioxide (ClO2) and UVC radiation. Journal of Hazardous Materials 2021. 419, 126424.

Fan, M., Yang, X., Kong, Q, Lei, Y., Zhang, X.*, Yin, R.*, Shang, C. Sequential ClO2-UV/chlorine process for micropollutant removal and disinfection byproduct control. Science of the Total Environment 2021. 150354.

Zhao, J., Shang, C., Zhang, X., Yang, X.*, Yin, R.* The multiple roles of chlorite on the concentrations of radicals and ozone and formation of chlorate during UV photolysis of free chlorine. Water Research 2020. 116680.

First authorship:

Yin, R., Peng, J., Sun, J.*, Li, C., Xia, D., Shang, C*. Simultaneous removal of hydrogen sulfide, phosphate and emerging organic contaminants, and improvement of sludge dewaterability by oxidant dosing in sulfide-iron-laden sludge. Water Research 2021. 117557.

Yin, R., Ling, L.*, Lu, S., Li, H., Li, C., Shang, C.* Degradation of aliphatic halogenated contaminants in water by UVA/Cu–TiO2 and UVA/TiO2 photocatalytic processes: Structure-activity relationship and role of reactive species. Chemosphere 2020. 127644.

Yin, R., Blatchley, E.*, Shang, C*. UV photolysis of mono- and dichloramine using UV-LEDs as radiation sources: Photodecay rates and radical concentrations. Environmental Science & Technology 2020, 54, 13, 8420–8429.

Yin, R., Shang, C.* Removal of micropollutants in drinking water using UV-LED/chlorine advanced oxidation process followed by activated carbon adsorption. Water Research 2020. 116297.

Yin, R., Shen, P., Lu, Z.* A green approach for the reduction of graphene oxide by the ultraviolet/sulfite process. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 2019. 550, 110–116.

Yin, R., Fan, C., Sun, J.*, Shang, C.* Oxidation of iron sulfide and surface-bound iron to regenerate granular ferric hydroxide for in-situ hydrogen sulfide control by persulfate, chlorine and peroxide. Chemical Engineering Journal 2018. 336, 587–594.

Yin, R.*, Zhong, Z., Ling, L.*, Shang, C. Fate of dichloroacetonitrile (DCAN) in UV/Cl2 and UV/H2O2 processes during potable water reuse. Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology 2018. 4, 1295–1302.

Yin, R., Sun, J.*, Xiang, Y., Shang, C.* Recycling and reuse of rusted iron particles containing core-shell Fe-FeOOH for ibuprofen removal: adsorption and persulfate-based advanced oxidation. Journal of Cleaner Production 2018. 178, 441–448.

Yin, R., Ling, L.*, Xiang, Y., Yang, Y., Bokare, A.D., Shang, C.* Enhanced photocatalytic reduction of chromium (VI) by Cu-doped TiO2 under UV-A irradiation. Separation and Purification Technology 2018. 190, 53–59.

Yin, R., Ling, L.*, Shang, C.* Wavelength-dependent chlorine photolysis and subsequent radical production using UV-LEDs as light sources. Water Research 2018. 142, 452–458.

Honors and Awards

SENG PhD Research Excellence Award [Award Information]

Hong Kong Research Grants Council Postdoctoral Fellowship [Award Information]

Distinguished PhD Student Award by Shanghai Tongji Gao Tingyao Environmental Science and Technology Development Foundation

Best Paper Award at 4th National Conference on Water Treatment and Reuse of China

SENG Academic Award for Continuing PhD Students

SENG Top RPG Award

Best Papers 2018 in the themed collections of Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology 

Best Presentation Award (1st Prize) at the 2nd International Institute of Environmental Science (IIES) Graduate Students Forum

Honorary Mention of Common Core Course Excellence Award