Li LING 凌力


PhD in Civil Engineering
Research Assistant Professor
Research Area
Research Interests
Novel (photo)catalysts and (photo)catalytic systems
Formation and removal of disinfection by-products (DBPs)
Aquaponic farming

PhD in Civil Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Research Interests

Design of novel (photo)catalysts and (photo)catalytic systems for water/surface disinfection and pollutant degradation Formation and removal of disinfection by-products (DBPs) in water treatment processes Aquaponic farming


Research Projects

Micropollutant degradation by evanescent wave activated TiO2 thin films on quartz optical fibers

Hong Kong Research Grants Council, General Research Fund, Co-I,

Development of a ClO2-UV/chlorine advanced treatment process for provision of clean water

Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Funding, Guangdong - Hong Kong Technology Cooperation Funding, Co-I

Aquaponics in HKUST

HKUST Sustainability Smart Campus Funding, 2019 – 2021, PI

Selected Publications

Li Ling, Zhuo Deng, Jingyun Fang, Chii Shang, 2019. Bromate control during ozonation by ammonia-chlorine and chlorine-ammonia pretreatment: Roles of bromine-containing haloamines, Chemical Engineering Journal, In press.

Ran Yin, Li Ling*, Chii Shang, 2018. Wavelength-dependent chlorine photolysis and subsequent radical production using UV-LEDs as light sources. Water Research, 142, 452-458.

Li Ling, Zhaobing Li, Jingyun Fang, Chii Shang, 2018. Controlling bromate formation in the Co(II)/peroxymonosulfate process by ammonia, chlorine-ammonia and ammonia-chlorine pretreatment strategies. Water Research, 139, 220-227.

Li Ling*, Heather Tugaoen*, Jonathon Brame, Shahnawaz Sinha, Chuanhao Li, Jared J Schoepf, Kiril Hristovski, Jae-Hong Kim, Chii Shang, Paul Westerhoff, 2017. Coupling light emitting diodes with photocatalyst-coated optical fibers improves quantum yield of pollutant oxidation. Environmental Science & Technology, 51 (22), 13319-13326.

Li Ling, Dapeng Zhang, Chihhao Fan*, Chii Shang*, 2017. A Fe (II)/citrate/UV/PMS process for carbamazepine degradation at a very low Fe (II)/PMS ratio and neutral pH: The mechanism, Water Research, 124, 446-453.


Li Ling, Zihang Cheng, Chii Shang. U.S. Provisional Application Serial No. 62/973,354, Method for Preparing Optical Fibers with High-Particle-Coated Porous Polymeric Outer Coating Layers, October 1, 2019.

Chii Shang, Li Ling, Zihang Cheng. U.S. Provisional Application Serial No. 62/917,202, Activation of Free Chlorine by Photocatalytic Process Using Ultraviolet Light, Visible Light and Near Infrared Light for Water Treatment, November 28, 2018.