Prof Joseph Lee

Joseph Hun Wei

PhD in Civil Engineering
Professor Emeritus
Adjunct Professor
Senior Member, HKUST Jockey Club Institute for Advanced Study
Research Area
Research Interests
Environmental management
Hydraulics/Fluid mechanics
Science and technology policy
Water resources system analysis and management

PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Biographical Sketch

Prof J.H.W. Lee is a native of Hong Kong and received his university and postgraduate education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1969-1977).  After three years of teaching as Assistant Professor at the University of Delaware he joined the University of Hong Kong (HKU) as a Lecturer in 1980, where he rose through the ranks to Redmond Chair Professor of Civil Engineering in 1996.  At HKU, he was Dean of Engineering from 2000 to 2003, and Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Staffing) from 2004-2010.  He then served as Vice-President for Research and Graduate Studies and Chair Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at HKUST (2010-2016), followed by appointments as Elman Family Professor of Engineering and Public Policy (2017-18), and Senior Advisor to the President (2018-2020). He is currently Vice-Chancellor and President of Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST). 

Prof Lee's research revolves around the use of hydraulics to solve environmental problems, in particular the theory of buoyant jets and its environmental applications, and the prediction and control of water quality. He was elected into the Royal Academy of Engineering, United Kingdom in 2008, and was bestowed Honorary Membership by the International Association for Hydro-environment Engineering and Research (IAHR) in 2015. He is a Fellow of the Hong Kong Academy of Engineering Sciences and Honorary Professor of Nankai University and Hohai University.  

Prof Lee is the President of IAHR and inaugural Chief Editor of the Journal of Hydro-environment Research (JHER). He is also Associate Editor of ASCE Journal of Hydraulic Engineering (1997-), Environmental Fluid Mechanics (2011-2020), and China Ocean engineering (2007-).  He has served on numerous national and international committees that include the International Advisory Board of the Glasgow Research Partnership in Engineering, Scottish Funding Council (2007-2012), the Nanyang Environment and Water Research Institute, Singapore (2011-2014), and the Tokyo Institute of Technology (2016-2018).  He was a member of the Selection Committee of the International Climate Protection Fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (2009-2018) and the Science and Technology Committee of the Ministry of Education of the Peoples Republic of China (2016-2020). Prof Lee is the Chairman of the Hong Kong Research Grants Council and the Assessment Panel of the Hong Kong Public Policy Research Scheme. 

As the Principal Investigator (PI) of a collaborative group project on the Dynamics of Algal Blooms and Red Tides (2000-2004), and Co-PI of the Hong Kong Area of Excellence (AoE) in Marine Environment Research and Innovative Technology (MERIT; 2006-2011), he has pioneered inter-disciplinary research that led to a new understanding of the role of physical-biological interactions in the occurrence of harmful algal blooms (HAB) in sub-tropical coastal waters. He is the mastermind behind the development of the WATERMAN coastal water quality forecasting and management system funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust (2009-2013), and an AI-based real time Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) early warning system supported by the Hong Kong Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD), and the Innovation and Technology Fund (2018-2023). He has served as expert consultant on numerous hydro-environmental projects and contributed to several major environmental management and flood control infrastructure in Hong Kong – including the Harbour Area Treatment Scheme (HATS), Tai Hang Tung Storage Scheme, Yuen Long Bypass Floodway, the Hong Kong Island West Storm Water Drainage Tunnel, and new practices of sustainable fisheries management. He has notably been appointed independent expert in several high profile investigations that include the Environmental Impact Assessment Appeal for the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) Sheung Shui – Lok Ma Chau Spur Line (“Long Valley”) project (2000-2001), the Tai Po Sha Po Tsai Village Debris Flood (2010), and the Commission of Inquiry into Excess Lead Found in Drinking Water (2015).

Prof Lee’s work on environmental hydraulics can be viewed in a 2017 Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) production: Travelling with Water - Joseph LEE (I), and Travelling with Water - Joseph LEE (II)





李行偉教授是世界知名環境水力學學者,擔任國際水利與環境工程學會The International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR)主席,為IAHR史上首位中國籍主席,是國際期刊「Journal of Hydro-environment Research」創刊主編,亦是英國皇家工程院院士及香港工程科學院院士。李教授多年來從事環境水利工程研究,是環境水力學、水質模擬、環境管理方面的世界知名專家,多次獲邀擔任多項大型工程計劃的專家顧問,完成許多諮詢與評核任務,對地區及國際環境水利工程,創新防洪及漁業管理作出顯著貢獻。
李教授出生於上海,在香港接受中小學教育,並獲取獎學金赴美國麻省理工學院MIT攻讀土木工程,獲得理學士、理學碩士及博士學位。畢業後於美國德拉威大學University of Delaware任教,1980年加入香港大學土木工程系,1996年升任為Redmond講座教授,曾先後被委任為工程學院院長(2000-2003)及大學副校長(人力資源)(2004-2009)。2010-2016年出任香港科技大學副校長(研發及研究生教育),其後擔任Elman 家族「工程與公共政策」冠名教授(2017-2018),校長資深顧問及廣州市香港科技大學霍英東研究院講座教授(2018-2020)。現任澳門科技大學校長。並是香港研究资助局主席,及香港公共政策研究基金評審委員會主席。
李教授曾獲1998年裘槎基金會「香港優秀科研學者」獎、2009年美國土木工程師學會ASCE Hunter Rouse水力工程獎(是全球首位亞洲學者獲頒該項殊榮)、2010年「國家科學技術進步獎」二等獎,2013 年ASCE Emil Hilgard 水力研究奬,及2015年獲國際水利與環境工程學會(IAHR)頒發永久榮譽會員獎等。