Guanghao CHEN 陳光浩


Chair Professor
Director of Hong Kong Branch of Chinese National Engineering Research Center for Control and Treatment of Heavy Metal Pollution
Director of Wastewater Technology Laboratory
Director of Water Technology Center
Associate Director of Institute for the Environment
Research Area
Research Interests
Environmental engineering

DEng , Kyoto University

Research Projects

Sustainable Sulfur conversion wastewater treatment processes – Woody Wu, Tianwei Hao, and Guang-Hao CHEN

SANI process optimization, demonstration, and application –Demonstration - Woody Wu, Allen Leung, YW Ha, Bo Wang, and Guang-Hao CHEN

Sludge odor control and new resource recovery – Tianwei Hao and Guang-Hao CHEN

Scale-up of self-forming dynamic membrane bioreactor (SFMBR)– Dai Ji and Guang-Hao CHEN

Total Municipal Organic Waste Management by integrating Food Waste Disposal And Sewage Treatment (MOW-FAST) - Guang-Hao CHEN, T Zhang (HKU), J. Wang (HKBU), and G. Ekama (UCT)

Selected Publications

L. Chen, T.-H. Tsui, G. A. Ekama, H. R. Mackey, T. W. Hao, and G. H. Chen. (2018). Development of biochemical sulfide potential (BSP) test for sulfidogenic biotechnology application. Water Research, 135, pp.231-240.

D. Guan, J. Dai, Y. Watanabe and G. H. Chen (2018).  The Change of Physical Properties of Dynamic Layer and Its Correlation with Permeate Quality in Self-forming Dynamic Membrane Bio-reactor.  Water Research, 140, 67-76.

Li, X., Luo, J., Guo, G., Mackey, H. R., Hao, T., & Chen, G. H.. (2017). Seawater-based wastewater accelerates development of aerobic granular sludge: a laboratory proof-of-concept. Water Research, 115, 210-219. 

Wu, D., Ekama, G. A., Chui, H. K., Wang, B., Cui, Y. X., Hao, T. W. & Chen, G. H. (2016). Large-scale demonstration of the sulfate reduction autotrophic denitrification nitrification integrated (SANI®) process in saline sewage treatment. Water Research, 100, 496-507. 

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