Chun Man CHAN 陳俊文

Chun Man

PhD in Civil Engineering
Professor Emeritus
Research Area
Research Interests
Structural engineering
Tall buildings
Wind effects on buildings

PhD , University of Waterloo

Research Projects

An Optimization Framework for Minimization of Wind-induced Torsional Load Effects on Tall Buildings – C.M. CHAN

Numerical wind load prediction and aerodynamic shape optimization of tall buildings – C.M. CHAN

Innovative design technologies for tall buildings in a typhoon-prone urban environment – K.C.S. KWOK, C.M. CHAN, CC CHANG, X.L. DING, P.A. HITCHCOCK, L. KATAFYGIOTIS and K.M. LAM

An Evolutionary Structural Form Optimization for the Design of High-rise Residential Buildings – C.M. CHAN

Optimal Seismic Performance-based Design of Modern High-rise Buildings – C.M. CHAN

Structural Optimization to Limit Wind-Induced Vibrations of Tall Steel Buildings – C.M. CHAN

Selected Publications

V.J.L. Gan, I.M.C. Lo, J. Ma, K.T. Tse, J.C.P. Cheng, and C.M. Chan. “Simulation Optimisation towards Energy Efficient Green Buildings: Current Status and Future Trends”, Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 254, 2020, 120012.

C.M. Chan, F. Ding, K.T. Tse, M.F. Huang, K.M. Shum* and K.C.S. Kwok. “Optimal Wind-induced Load Combinations for Structural Design of Tall Buildings”, International Journal of Wind and Structures, 29(5), 2019, 323-337.

V.J.L. Gan, C.L. Wong, K.T. Tse, J.C.P. Cheng, I.M.C. Lo and C.M. Chan. “Parametric Modeling and Evolutionary Optimization for Cost-optimal and Low-carbon Design of High-rise Reinforced Concrete Buildings”, Advanced Engineering Informatics, 42, 2019, 100962.

V.J.L. Gan, H.K. Wong, K.T. Tse, J.C.P. Cheng, I.M.C. Lo and C.M. Chan, “Simulation-based Evolutionary Optimization for Energy-efficient Layout Design of High-rise Residential Buildings”, Journal of Cleaner Production, 231, 2019, 1375-1388.

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