Prof Guanghao Chen to Lead the Largest ITF-funded Project in Environmental Field in Hong Kong

Prof Guanghao Chen from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering has recently received 
HK$ 15.375 million from the Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) of the Hong Kong Government, HK$ 6.5 million from the Drainage Services Department (DSD) of the Hong Kong Government, and HK$ 2.65 million from industrial sponsors for his project titled “Large-scale Study on Realization and Application of SANI Process in Sewage Treatment in Hong Kong”. Totaling HK$ 24.525 million, this project is not only the biggest ITF-funded project in the environmental field in Hong Kong, but also the first large-scale project of ITF involving close collaboration among university, government and industry.

Under the project, Prof Chen’s team will design, construct and operate a large-scale demonstration plant of SANI process at the Sha Tin Sewage Treatment Works. SANI is a novel sewage treatment technology invented and developed by a research group led by Prof Chen in the past 10 years. It brings a breakthrough in the century-old practice of municipal wastewater treatment and has been proven to be able to reduce around 90% sludge, 50% treatment cost and 35% CO2 emission compared to conventional treatment processes. As promised by DSD to ITF, the success of this project will lead to the application of this sewage treatment revolution in Hong Kong.

The SANI technology has earned high international recognition as evidenced by international awards from three professional organizations in the UK, Germany and Spain.  Indeed, successful large scale demonstration in Hong Kong will likely lead to its future adoption in other parts of the world.

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