Prof GH Chen Heads Wastewater Treatment Editorial Project

Prof. Guanghao Chen of CIVL has led a project to upgrade a preeminent book in wastewater treatment and engineering. As Lead Editor of the Second Edition of Biological Wastewater Treatment: Principles, Modeling and Design, Prof. Chen headed a team which also included Chair Professor and Stockholm Water Prize Laureate Mark van Loosdrecht from Delft University of Technology, Prof. George Ekama of the University of Cape Town, and Prof. Damir Brdjanovic, Endowed Professor of Delft University of Technology. The volume has been published by IWA Publishing, and is now available:


The first edition of Biological Wastewater Treatment, collecting postgraduate-level course materials from more than a dozen scholars and researchers from around the world, was published in 2008 and quickly became an IWA bestseller. Prof. Chen and the four-member editorial team were tasked with updating and expanding the 2008 edition to not only reinforce the fundamentals, but also to introduce to the text the myriad advancements made in wastewater treatment in the last twelve years.


IWA Publishing is a branch of the 10,000-membered International Water Association (IWA), the world’s best-known professional organization in water science and technology. Headquartered in London, UK, IWA Publishing’s work is integral to the management and protection of the planet's precious water resources. IWA curates 15 peer-reviewed journals and has published some 800 titles, and Prof. Chen is the first Chinese to have been appointed as Lead Editor for an IWA bestseller.

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