Paper Published by Prof. Guanghao Chen’s Group and Affiliates Chosen as One of 2021’s Best

A paper published by Prof. Guanghao Chen’s research group and affiliates — co-written by Mr. Xiling Li (PhD student), Dr. Tianwei Hao (Adjunct Assistant Professor), Mr. Yuxin Tang (University of Macau), and Prof. Chen (Chair Professor of CIVL) — has been selected as one of three “Best Papers” published in the journal Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering (FESE) in 2021. The three best papers were winnowed down from 133 candidates.

Mr. Li et al.’s paper, entitled “A ‘Seawater-in-Sludge’ approach for capacitive biochar production via the alkaline and alkaline earth metals activation,” proposes using seawater for chemical activation to prepare capacitive biochar from slow pyrolysis of wasted activated sludge (WAS) — i.e., the “seawater-in-sludge” approach — as well as a new cost-effective pathway for simultaneous WAS treatment and resource recovery. The research is especially relevant to coastal areas.

FESE is an international academic journal that covers a wide range of environmental disciplines. The journal aims to advance and disseminate knowledge in many aspects of environmental sciences and engineering. Each year, to recognize particularly distinguished contributions, FESE bestows upon them the “Best Paper” honor.

Congratulations to Mr. Li and the rest of Prof. Chen’s research group!

The above paper is available at:

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