Smart City

Smart cities development is an emerging important research and development (R&D) direction, both
locally and internationally. In light of this, the GREAT Smart Cities Institute in HKUST was established in
2018 which focuses on advancing five GREAT attributes of smart cities development, namely Green,
Resilient, Empowering, Adaptable, and Transformative, as described as follows:

(1) Green: cities planned with due considerations for life-cycle environmental impacts, natural resources
consumption (e.g. air, water, energy, materials) and wastes generation and treatment;
(2) Resilient: cities developed with infrastructure capacities and system redundancies to manage
disruptions without severely affecting their essential functioning;
(3) Empowering: cities designed for people, empowering wellbeing, efficiency, innovation, and
productive partnerships;
(4) Adaptable: cities designed with their infrastructure and systems adaptable to changes in new
technology (e.g. autonomous vehicles) and global warming; and
(5) Transformative: cities designed for empowering their institutions and citizens to define and
reposition their growth directions and strategies.

Smart Cities research entails a multidisciplinary approach to address issues across a wide range of areas.


Prof Hong LO: Intelligent transportation systems, smart transportation, dynamic traffic control, public

transport systems


Prof Jack CHENG: Building information modeling (BIM), Green buildings and sustainable construction,

Service computing and data mining in construction


Prof Limin ZHANG: Geotechnical risk and reliability, dams and slopes, deep foundations and quality

assurance, multi-phase flow through soils, and centrifuge modelling


Prof Sisi JIAN: Shared-mobility, smart transport solutions, risk and behavior in automated driving, big

data in transport, demand modelling and choice modelling, network modelling


Prof Jiachuan YANG: Green Infrastructure, hydrological modeling, land-atmosphere interaction, surface

Energy Balance, urban sustainability, water resources


Prof Sen LI: Smart city economics, renewable energy integration, intelligent transportation

systems, energy/transportation nexus

Representative Research Projects

  • Personalised Real-Time Air Quality Informatics System for Exposure – Hong Kong (PRAISE-HK)
  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - DiDi Joint Research Laboratory
  • Strategies for Enhancing Walkability in Hong Kong via Smart Policies
  • Smart Urban Water Supply Systems (Smart UWSS)


For more information about the GREAT Smart Cities Institute, please or contact Miss
Vivian Chan at