Q. Who qualifies for direct admission application?

A. Applicants apply for direct admission on the basis of qualifications other than HKDSE results. They may include: Applicants who hold a higher diploma from a relevant discipline.

  •  Current degree students in any of the nine JUPAS participating institutions
  •  Local students from International schools
  •  International students
  •  Mainland students

More detailed information is available at:



Q. Where do the applications come from?

A. The direct admission applications mainly come from the following sources:

  • Higher diploma graduates from local institutions
  • Overseas and Mainland high school graduates
  • Local international high school graduates
  • Current degree students in local or overseas institutions


Q. Do JUPAS and direct admission students pay the same fee upon admission?

A. Yes.


Q. Are direct admission students, upon admission, qualified for scholarships?

A. All students admitted to our programs will qualify for scholarships depending on their past and/or current academic performance.


Q. If I hold an Associate Degree or Higher Diploma, can I be directly admitted to the 2nd year of study?

A. Yes, it is possible. Each application will be assessed and evaluated individually by the department's UG committee based on the previous courses taken by the applicant and his/her academic performance.


Q. How can I make an application?

A. You can make an online application at the following website: