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Jidong ZHAO (趙吉東) PhD , Tsinghua

Associate Professor

Email: jzhao@ust.hk
Homepage: https://facultyprofiles.ust.hk/profiles.php?profile=jidong-zhao-jzhao


Geo Logo Multiple PhD scholarships and postdoc research fellow positions are available now (as of Sept 2015). Please visit Prof Jidong Zhao's Geomechanics Homepage (http://jzhao.people.ust.hk/) (or click the group logo on the left) for more information.

  • Multi-scale modeling of granular materials
  • Constitutive modeling in soil mechanics
  • Micro-mechanics of granular materials
  • Coupled multi-physics modeling of granular media
  • Modeling of debris flow and landslide


  • CIVL4000L: Soil Slope Engineering
  • CIVL4720: Geotechnical Analysis and Design
  • CIVL4750: Numerical Solutions to Geotechnical Problems
  • CIVL5730: Theoretical and Computational Soil Mechanics
  • CIEM 6000F: Fundamentals of Geomechanics
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