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Limin ZHANG (張利民) PhD , Sichuan University

Chair Professor (Associate Head)
Director of the Geotechnical Centrifuge Facility
Editor-in-Chief, International Journal Georisk, Taylor & Francis
Email: cezhangl@ust.hk
Homepage: http://ihome.ust.hk/~cezhangl
Geotechnical risk and reliability, dams and slopes, deep foundations and quality assurance, multi-phase flow through soils, and centrifuge modelling

Understanding debris flow mechanisms and mitigating risks for a sustainable Hong Kong (Theme-based Research Scheme, Co-PI, 2016-2020);

Coping with landslide risks in Hong Kong under extreme storms: Storm scenarios, cascading landslide hazards and multi-hazard risk assessment (CRF, PC, 2016-2019);

Green slope engineering: bioengineered, live cover systems for man-made fill slopes and landfill capillary barriers in Hong Kong (CRF, Co-I, 2013-2016);

Behaviour of loose fill slopes and its stabilization with soil nails (CRF, Co-I, 2000-2003);

Multi-source large-quantity monitoring data fusion in Bayesian networks for the evaluation of reliability of engineered slopes (GRF, PI, 2016-2019);

Multi-hazard human risk assessment for landslide studies (GRF, PI, 2014-2016);

Rapid identification of hazardous loose coarse landslide soil deposits on steep terrain (GRF, PI, 2010-2013);

Geotechnical hazards caused by environmental actions: rainfall and reservoir filling (RGC-NSFC, PI, 2004-2006) ;

A reliability-based displacement criterion for design of pile foundations;

Emerging Geohazards in Hong Kong and Pearl River Delta due to Climate Changes;

Flow of air-phase in unsaturated, weathered soils and its applications;

Group Interactions in Large-Diameter Bored Pile Groups Subjected to Torsion;

Innovative pile testing technology based on wave mechanics;

Large-scale Geotechnical Hazards Caused by Environmental Actions: Impact of Rainfall and Reservoir Filling;

Quality assurance and reliability of pile foundations;

System performance and reliability of bridge pile foundations in inland waterways subject to vessel impact ;

Study of Termination Criteria and Acceptance Criteria for Long Driven Piles including Jack Piles and Development of a Comprehensive Piled Foundation Database for Hong Kong Soils ;

Water infiltration in cracked soils for landslide study;

Investigation of failure of embankment dams and levees - from initiation to breach;

Analysis of failure modes and failure risks of earthquake-induced landslide dams;

Breaching mechanisms of earth and rockfill dams under extreme dynamic loading conditions and associated risk assessment (NSFC 海外及港澳学者合作研究基金).

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