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Irene M.C. LO (勞敏慈) PhD , University of Texas-Austin

Chair Professor
Director of Environmental Engineering Graduate Program (http://evng.ust.hk/)
Email: cemclo@ust.hk
Homepage: http://home.ust.hk/~irenelo

Clay liners for waste disposal facilities and gasoline storage tanks, remediation technology for contaminated soils and sludge, centrifuge modeling of pollutant transport in saturated and unsaturated soils, numerical modeling of pollutant migration in subsurface systems, and physical and chemical water treatment processes.


  • Accelerated Inorganic Contaminant Transport Through Low Permeability Soil Materials Using Geotechnical Centrifuge - Irene Man-Chi LO

  • Characterization of the Physical and Chemical Nature of Sewage Sludge with Regard to its Suitability for Disposal in Landfills - Irene Man-Chi LO and C.S. Poon

  • Feasibility Study of Using Sewage Sludge as Landfill Covers - Irene Man-Chi LO

  • Investigation of the Subsurface Contamination and the Effectiveness of Remediation Technologies Using Geotechnical Centrifuge Techniques - Irene Man-Chi LO and Jay N. Meegoda

  • Laboratory- and Full-scale Study of Permeable Reactive Barriers for Removal of Chlorinated Solvents in Groundwater - Irene Man-Chi LO and Peter Kjeldsen

  • New Composite Liners for Soil Contamination Prevention - Irene Man-Chi LO

  • Pollutant Migration in Soils- In flight Instrumentation and Scaling Laws for Centrifuged Small Scale Models - Irene Man-Chi LO and Luc Thorel

  • Study of Binding Mechanisms of Metal Contaminants in Stabilized a Solidified Wastes - Irene Man-Chi LO, X.D. Li and C.S. Poon

  • The Effect of Physiochemical Properties and Moisture Content of Sewage Sludge on Its Heat Value - Irene Man-Chi LO and Guang-Hao CHEN
  • Irene Man-Chi LO (1996), Solidification/Stabilization of Phenols Contaminated Soils Using Quaternary Ammonium-Clay Complex, J. of Environmental Engrg., ASCE., 122(9) page:850-855

  • Irene Man-Chi LO and Pota, A. (1997), An Expert System for Technology Screening for SOC and VOC Contaminated Water, J. of Environmental Engrg., ASCE., 123(9) page:911-918

  • Irene Man-Chi LO, Mak, R. K.-M. and Lee, S. C.-H. (1997), Modified Clays for Waste Containment and Pollutant Attenuation, J. of Environmental Engrg., ASCE., 123(1) page:25-32

  • Irene Man-Chi LO, Lee, S. C.-H. and Mak, R. K.-M. (1998), Sorption of Nonpolar and Polar Organics on Dicetyldimethylammonium-Bentonite, Waste Management & Research, 16 page:129-138

  • Irene Man-Chi LO and Yang, X. Y. (1999), EDTA Extraction of Heavy Metals from Different Soil Fractions and Synthetic Soils, Air and Soil Pollution, 109(1-4) page:219-236

  • Irene Man-Chi LO, Hilary I. Inyang and Vincent O. Ogunro (2000), Environmental Geotechnology and Global Sustainable Development, Volume II, [Technomic Press]

  • Irene Man-Chi LO, Tang, C. I, Li, X. D and Poon, C. S. (2000), Leaching and Microstructural Analysis of Cement-Based Solidified Wastes, Environ. Sci. & Technol., 34(23) page:5038-5042

  • Irene Man-Chi LO and Yang, X. Y. (2001), Laboratory Investigation of the Migration of Hydrocarbons in Organobentonite, Environ. Sci. & Technol., 35(3) page:620-625

  • Irene Man-Chi LO and Lai, C. K.; and Chen, G. (2001), Salinity Effect on Mechanical Dewatering of Sludge with and without Chemical Coagulants, Environ. Sci. & Technol., 35(23) page:4691-4696

  • Irene Man-Chi LO and Yang, X. Y. (2001), Use of Organoclay as a Secondary Containment for Gasoline Storage Tanks, J. of Environmental Engrg., ASCE, 127(2) page:154-161