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Lambros S. KATAFYGIOTIS (簡達福) PhD , California Institute of Technology


Email: lambros@ust.hk
Homepage: https://facultyprofiles.ust.hk/profiles.php?profile=lambros-katafygiotis-lambros

Probabilistic structural dynamics; system identification; structural model updating; structural health monitoring and condition assessment; structural reliability; earthquake engineering; wind engineering; modeling of uncertain environmental loads; simulation methods; stochastic stability of dynamic systems; robust structural control; computational stochastic mechanics /dynamics.

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  • Lambros S. KATAFYGIOTIS, Papadimitriou, C. and Paul Heung Fai LAM (1998), A Probabilistic Approach to Structural Model Updating, Soil Dynamics & Earthquake Engineering, 17(7-8) page:495-507

  • Lambros S. KATAFYGIOTIS and Beck, J.L. (1998), Updating Models and their Uncertainties II: Model Identifiability, Journal of Engineering Mechanics, ASC., 124(4) page:463-467

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  • Lambros S. KATAFYGIOTIS, Paul Heung Fai LAM and Papadimitriou, C. (2000), Treatment of Unidentifiability in Structural Model Updating, Advances in Structural Engineering, 3(1) page:19-39

  • Lambros S. KATAFYGIOTIS and Paul Heung Fai LAM (2002), Tangential-Projection Algorithm for Manifold Representation in Unidentifiable Model Updating Problems, Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics, 31(4) page:791-812