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Guang-Hao CHEN (陳光浩) DEng , Kyoto University

Chair Professor

Email: ceghchen@ust.hk
Homepage: http://ihome.ust.hk/~ceghchen

Sustainable sewage treatment systems; sludge minimization in biotreatment; sewer process modeling;  MBR process optimization; low-cost and compact wastewater treatment technology.


  • Development of Novel Activated Sludge Processes with Minimization of Excess Sludge - Guang-Hao CHEN and M. Djafer

  • Minimization of Sludge Production in Biotreatment Processes through Energy-Spilling - Guang-Hao CHEN, Y. Liu and L.F. Song

  • Nitrification in Saline Sewage Treatment - Guang-Hao CHEN

  • The Effect of Physiochemical Properties and Moisture Content of Sewage Sludge on Its Heat Value - Irene Man-Chi LO and Guang-Hao CHEN

  • Utilization of a Sanitary Gravity Sewer as a Pollutant Treatment System - Guang-Hao CHEN and Ju-Chang Howard HUANG

  • Guang-Hao CHEN and Y. Liu (1997), Quantitative description of energy uncoupling for substrate-sufficient culture., Biotechnology & Bioengineering, (55) page:571-576

  • Guang-Hao CHEN, Y. Liu and E. Paul (1998), Effect of the So/Xo ratio on energy uncoupling in substrate-sufficient batch culture of activated sludge, Water Research, 32 page:2883-2888

  • Guang-Hao CHEN and Y. Liu (1999), Modelling of energy spilling in substrate-sufficient cultures, Journal of Environmental Engineering, ASCE., 125(6) page:508-513

  • Guang-Hao CHEN, Leong, I.M., Liu,J. and Ju-Chang Howard HUANG (1999), Study of oxygen uptake by tidal river sediment, Water Research, 33(13) page:2905-2912

  • Guang-Hao CHEN, I. M. Leong, J. Liu and J.C. Huang (1999), Study of oxygen uptake by tidal river sediment, Water Research, 33 page:2905-2912