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Chih-Chen CHANG (張志成) PhD , Purdue University


Email: cechang@ust.hk
Homepage: https://facultyprofiles.ust.hk/profiles.php?profile=chihchen-chang-cechang

Structural health monitoring; damage identification; structural dynamics and measurement; earthquake and wind engineering; photogrammetric applications; signal processing and analysis.


  • Finite Element Model Updating for Bridges - Tse-Yung Paul CHANG, W.M. To and Chih-Chen CHANG

  • On Construction Control of Prestressed Concrete Bridges - Tse-Yung Paul CHANG and Chih-Chen CHANG

  • On Enhancing Serviceability and Safety of Tall Buildings during Wind Storms Using Semi-Active MR Dampers: Analytical and Wind Tunnel Studies - Chih-Chen CHANG, Tse-Yung Paul CHANG and P.A. Hitchcock

  • Chih-Chen CHANG and Roschke, P. (1998), Neural network modeling of a magnetorheological damper, Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, September 1998, 9(9) page:755-764

  • Chih-Chen CHANG and Qu, W.L. (1998), Unified dynamic absorber design formulas for wind-induced vibration control of tall buildings, Structural Design of Tall Buildings, 7 page:147-166

  • Tse-Yung Paul CHANG, Zhang, Q.W. and Chih-Chen CHANG (1999), Ambient vibration of a cable-stayed bridge, Journal of Bridge Engineering, [in press]

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  • Chih-Chen CHANG and Gu, M. (1999), Suppression of vortex-excited vibration of tall buildings using tuned liquid dampers, Journal of Industrial Aerodynamics and Wind Engineering, 83 page:225-237

  • Chih-Chen CHANG, Tse-Yung Paul CHANG and Xu, Y.G. (2000), Adaptive neural networks for model updating of structures, Smart Materials and Structures, 9(1) page:59-68