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Hai YANG (楊海) DEng , Kyoto University

Chair Professor

Email: cehyang@ust.hk
Homepage: http://cehyang.people.ust.hk/

Modeling, analysis and optimization of urban transportation systems; traffic control, congestion pricing; intelligent transportation systems.

交通經濟; 交通網絡可靠性; 交通控制;道路收費與智能運輸系統。


  • A Multi-Class Model for Urban Taxi Services with Congestion - Hai Yang

  • An Integrated Planning Methodology for Win-Win Public Transit Services - Hong K. LO, W.H.K. Lam and Hai YANG

  • Designing and Tolling Private Roads: a Network Equilibrium Approach - Hai Yang

  • Modeling and Evaluating joint Implementation of Road Pricing and Route Guidance Systems - Hai Yang and W.H.K. Lam

  • Reliability Analysis and Optimal Design of Road Networks - Hai Yang and Wilson H. Tang

  • Trans-Modal Integrated Transport Pricing - Hai Yang
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  • Hai YANG and Meng, Q. (1998), Departure time, route choice and congestion tolls in a queuing network with elastic-deman, Transportation Research, (3213) page:247-260

  • Hai YANG (1998), Multiple equilibrium behavior and advanced traveler information systems with endogenous market penetration, Transportation Research, (3213) page:205-218

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  • A. Chen, Hong K. LO and Hai YANG (2001), A Self-Adaptive Projection and Contraction Algorithm for the Traffic Equilibrium Problem with Path-Specific Costs, European Journal of Operational Research, [In press]

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