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Yeou-Koung TUNG (湯有光) PhD , University of Texas, Austin

Professor Emeritus

Email: cetung@ust.hk

Hydrology; water resource systems analysis; frequency analysis of hydrological extremes; probabilistic analyses of water resources engineering problems; risk and reliability analysis; conjunctive use management; stochastic optimization of water quality, groundwater, and reservoir managements; water resource project evaluation under uncertainty.


  • Analysis of Rainstorm Characteristics in Hong Kong - Yeou-Koung TUNG

  • Development Practical Reliability Evaluation Approach for Treating Non-Normal Multivariate Random Variables - Yeou-Koung TUNG

  • Emerging Geohazards in Hong Kong and Pearl River Delta due to Climate Changes - Limin ZHANG, Charles W.W. NG, Yu-Hsing WANG, Yeou-Koung TUNG and Delwyn G FREDLUND

  • Integrating Hydrologic Uncertainties for Risk-Based Design of Hydraulic Structures - Yeou-Koung TUNG

  • Large-scale Geotechnical Hazards Caused by Environmental Actions: Impact of Rainfall and Reservoir Filling - Limin ZHANG, Delwyn G FREDLUND, Wilson H. TANG and Yeou-Koung TUNG

  • Stochastic Modeling of Surface-Subsurface Flow for Stability Analysis of Soil Slopes in Hong Kong - Charles W.W. NG, Yeou-Koung TUNG and Wilson H. TANG

  • Uncertainty and Reliability Evaluation Methods for Large-Scale Civil Engineering Systems - Wilson H. TANG and Yeou-Koung TUNG
  • Yeou-Koung TUNG and Mays, L.W. (1992), Hydrosystems Engineering and Management McGraw-Hill Book Company

  • Yen, B.C. and Yeou-Koung TUNG (1993), Reliability and Uncertainty Analyses in Hydraulic Designs, ASCE

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  • Yeou-Koung TUNG, Zhao, B., Yeh, K.C. and Yang, J.C. (1997), Storm resampling for uncertainty analysis of a multiple-storm unit hydrograph, Journal of Hydrology, L94 page:366-384

  • Charles W.W. NG, Wang, B. and Yeou-Koung TUNG (2001), 3D numerical investigations of groundwater responses in an unsaturated slope subjected to various rainfall patterns, Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 38(5) page:1049-1062