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Charles W.W. NG (吳宏偉) PhD , University of Bristol

Associate Vice-President (Research and Graduate Studies) ,

CLP Holdings Professor of Sustainability
  Chair Professor
Changjiang Scholar 長江學者講座教授 (2010-2013)
Associate Editor, Canadian Geotechnical Journal
President of International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering
Email: cecwwng@ust.hk
Centrifuge and numerical modeling of two and three dimensional soil-structure interaction problems such as tunnels, deep excavation, piles and soil nailing; slope stability; transient seepage, static and cyclic behavior of unsaturated soils, geo-environmental engineering and energy foundations.


Green, Energy and Geo-environmental Engineering Projects

  • Theme-based Project: Understanding Debris Flow Mechanisms and Mitigating Risks for a Sustainable Hong Kong (RGC/UGC)
  • Three-dimensional Centrifuge and Numerical Modelling of Energy Pile Groups: Geotechnical Aspects (GRF)
  • PCC能量樁熱、力學工程特性及樁-土荷載傳遞機理研究(A Fundamental Investigation of PCC Energy Pile and Load Tranfer Mechanism) (NSFC)
  • 973-Project: Fundamental Investigation of Sustainable and Preventive Measures for Controlling Environmental Hazards Induced by Municipal Solid Waste Landfill
  • Centrifuge Modelling of Migration of Heavy Metal in Unsaturated Consolidating Dredgings (NSFC)
  • CRF: Green Slope Engineering: Bioengineered, Live Cover Systems for Man-made Fill Slopesand Landfill Capillary Barriers in Hong Kong

Material Behaviour and Fundamental Mechanisms
  • Cyclic Thermo-mechanical Behaviour of Clay and Sand with Reference to Energy Piles (GRF)
  • Fundamental Investigation of Wetting-induced Failure Mechanisms of Loess Slopes (GRF)
  • Small-strain Anisotropic Stiffness of Unsaturated Soil
  • Study of Rainfall Infiltration Mechanisms and Stability of Slopes in Hong Kong
  • Centrifuge Modelling of the Influence of Four Types of Fault Movements on Ground Deformations

Soil-Structure Interaction Problems
  • Interaction Among Multiple Circular and Non-circular Tunnels: Three-dimensional Centrifuge and Numerical Modelling (GRF)
  • Experimental Investigation of Dynamics of Granular Flows Obstructed by Baffles using Flume
  • Centrifuge Modelling for Debris Impact on Flexible Barrier
  • Three-dimensional Centrifuge Modelling of Perpendicularly Crossing Twin Tunnel Interactions in Soft Ground
  • Three-dimensional Centrifuge Modelling of Tunnelling Effects on Pile Groups in Soft Ground
  • Mechanisms and Predictions of Deformation due to Deep Excavation
  • Centrifuge Modelling of Tunnelling Effects on Dykes
  • Centrifuge Modelling of Excavation Effects on Pile Behaviour
Selected 100 publications between 2014 and 2017
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