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Zongjin LI (李宗津) PhD , Northwestern University

Professor Emeritus

Email: zongjin@ust.hk
Homepage: http://ihome.ust.hk/~zongjin


CIVL111 - Construction Materials
CIVL535 - Elasticity and Plasticity
CIVL524 - Advanced Concrete Technology


Durability of concrete; development of high performance concrete; fiber reinforced concrete (interface property characterization, strain-hardening material development); fracture of concrete; nondestructive testing in civil engineering (acoustic emission, infrared, impact echo); development of advanced building materials using extrusion technique; functional materials in civil engineering.


  • A Systematic Study of a New Concrete Durability-Enhancing Admixture - Zongjin LI and Christopher K.Y. LEUNG

  • Advanced Cement‑Based Materials. Cooperative Research Centres CRQ - Zongjin LI, Tse-Yung Paul CHANG and C.T. Hsu

  • Advanced Fiber-Reinforced Cement-Based Composites Manufactured by Extrusion Technique - Zongjin LI and C.C. Hsu

  • Advanced Remote Damage Monitor System for Infrastructures - Xiang-Song LI, Zongjin LI, Tse-Yung Paul CHANG and P. Tong

  • Development and Manufacture of Cement-Based Materials - Zongjin LI

  • Monitoring and interpretation of hydration process of cement-based materials using non-contacting resistivity measurement, Zongjin LI

  • Development of cement-based functional piezoelectric materials for intelligent civil structures, Zongjin LI.

  • Research on the properties of repair mortars for concrete carriageway, Zongjin Li 

  • Zongjin Li and Surendra P. Shah (1994), "Microcracking localization in concrete under uniaxial tension: AE technique application", ACI Materials Journal, 91(4) page: 372-389.

  • Zongjin Li, Faming Li, and Jim S. L. Li (1998), "Properties of concrete incorporating rubber tire particles", Magazine of Concrete Research, 50(4): 297-304, 1998.

  • Zongjin Li, Dong Zhang, and Keru Wu (2002), "Cement-based 0-3 piezoelectric composites", Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 85(2) page 305-313.

  • Zongjin Li, Xiaosheng Wei, and Wenlai Li (2003), "Preliminary interpretation of hydration process for cement-based materials at early ages", Journal of ACI Materials, 100(3): 253-257, 2003.

  • Xiangming Zhou and Zongjin Li, "Upsetting tests of fresh cementitious composites for extrusion", Journal of Engineering Mechanics, ASCE, 132(2): 149-157, 2006.