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Wenwei CHE (車汶蔚)

Research Assistant Professor

Email: wenweiche@ust.hk
Homepage: https://facultyprofiles.ust.hk/profiles.php?profile=wenwei-che-wenweiche

  • Air quality measurement in microenvironments (e.g. home, school, transportation)
  • Personal and population exposure modeling
  • Exposure control strategy design and assessment
  • Smart green city
  • Li, Z., Che, W.W., Frey, H. C., Lau, A. K., Lin, C. Characterization of PM 2.5 exposure concentration in transport microenvironments using portable monitors. Environmental Pollution 2017, 228, 433-442.
  • Che, W.W., Frey, H. Christopher, Lau, Alexis K.H.* Sequential Measurement of Intermodal Variability in Public Transportation PM2.5 and CO Exposure Concentrations. Environmental science & technology 2016, 50, 8760−8769.
  • Che, W.W., Frey, H. Christopher *, Lau, Alexis K.H. Comparison of Sources of Variability in School Age Children Exposure to Ambient PM2.5. Environmental science & technology 2015, 49, 1511-1520.
  • Che, W.W., Frey, H. Christopher, Lau, Alexis K.H.* Assessment of the Effect of Population and Diary Sampling Methods on Estimation of School?Age Children Exposure to Fine Particles. Risk Analysis 2014, 34, (12), 2066-2079.
  • Zheng, J. Y. *, Che, W.W., Zheng, Z.Y., Chen, L.F., Zhong, L.J. Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Variability of PM10 Concentrations Using MODIS Aerosol Optical Thickness in the Pearl River Delta Region, China. Aerosol and Air Quality Research 2013, 13,(3), 862-876.
  • Zheng, J. Y. *, Yin, S. S., Kang, D. W., Che, W. W., Zhong, L. J. Development and uncertainty analysis of a high-resolution NH3 emissions inventory and its implications with precipitation over the Pearl River Delta region, China. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 2012, 12, 7041-7058.
  • Che,W. W., Zheng, J. Y. *, Wang, S. S., Zhong, L.J., Lau, A.K.H. Assessment of Motor Vehicle Emission Control Policies Using Model-3/CMAQ Model for the Pearl River Delta Region, China. Atmospheric Environment 2011, 45, (9), 1740-1751.
  • Zheng, J. Y., Shao, M. *, Che, W. W., Zhang, L.J., Zhong, L.J., Zhang,Y., Streets,D. Speciated VOC emission inventory and spatial pattern of ozone formation potentials in the Pearl River Delta, China. Environmental Science & Technology 2009, 43, (22), 8580–8586.
  • Zheng, J.Y. *, Che, W.W., Wang, X., Louie, P., Zhong, L. Road-Network-Based spatial allocation of on-road mobile source emissions in the Pearl River delta region, China, and comparisons with population-based approach. Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association 2009, 59, (12), 1405-1416.
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