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Christopher K.Y. LEUNG (梁堅凝) PhD , Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Email: ckleung@ust.hk


CIVL323 - Construction Materials Technology
CIVL525 - Renovation Engineering
CIVL533 - Advanced Mechanics of Materials


Construction materials, micromechanics of fiber composites, fracture mechanics, optical fiber sensors, application of composites in civil engineering.

建築材料;高性能混凝土;複合材料在土木工程中的應用; 複合材料細觀力學:斷裂力學; 光纖傳感器。


  • Pseudo-ductile Permanent Formwork for Durable Concrete Structures 
  • Transport Properties of Pseudo-ductile Cementitious Composites
  • Development and Applications of Shrinkage-compensating High Performance Fiber ReinforcedCementitious Composites 
  • Shear Strengthening of Concrete Beams with Bonded FRP Strips 
  • An Optical Fiber Sensor for Steel Corrosion in Concrete Structures
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