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Christopher K.Y. LEUNG (梁堅凝) PhD , Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Email: ckleung@ust.hk
Homepage: https://facultyprofiles.ust.hk/profiles.php?profile=christopher-kin-ying-leung-ckleung


CIVL2810 - Construction Materials

CIVL4810 - Construction Materials Technology

CIVL5830 - Advanced Mechanics of Materials


Construction materials, micromechanics of fiber composites, fracture mechanics, optical fiber sensors, application of composites in civil engineering.

建築材料;高性能混凝土;複合材料在土木工程中的應用; 複合材料細觀力學:斷裂力學; 光纖傳感器。


  • Micromechanical Modeling of Constitutive Behavior and Crack Width vs Strain Relation of Strain-Hardening Cementitious Composites (SHCC)
  • Development of  Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composites as Repair Material for Concrete Structures with Significant Steel Loss
  • Condition and Health Monitoring of SHCC
  • Development of Cementitious Composites for Self-healing Leak-proof Basement
  • Durability Testing and Modeling of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) in Moist/Alkaline Environment
  • Yao, J. and Leung, C.K.Y. “A New Physical Model for Empirical Fiber Snubbing Effect in Cementitious Composites Based on Large Deflection Beam Theory”, Cement and Concrete Composites, Vol.96, pp.238-251 (2019)
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  • Das, A.K. Lai, T.T., Chan, C.W. and Leung, C.K.Y. “A New Non-Linear Framework for Localization of Acoustic Sources”, Structural Health Monitoring, published on line https://doi.org/10.1177/1475921718762154 (2018)
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